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Florida Warbirds EAA WB SQ 24 Gathering, Cookout & Meeting Dec. 3 & 4, 2021

Florida Warbirds EAA Warbird Squadron 24

Squadron Gathering, Cookout & Meeting
Rescheduled for December 3 & 4, 2021

Friday, December 3 & Saturday, December 4, 2021
Warbirds of America Building
Sun 'n Fun Campus
Lakeland-Linder International Airport (KLAL)

Greetings! We have decided to reschedule our Squadron Gathering to coincide with the upcoming Sun 'n Fun Holiday Fly-In Festival and Car Show. This will give Squadron members access to the festivities being held on the Sun 'n Fun campus and the opportunity to display their aircraft both on the ground and in the air!

The Squadron's activities will be hosted at the Warbirds of America Building on the Sun 'n Fun Campus, Lakeland-Linder International Airport (KLAL).



The Gathering will feature plenty of socializing opportunities, membership meeting, cookout, plus flying activities for those flying in. The flying activities now include the opportunity to perform fly-bys for the crowds attending the Holiday Festival! There will be plenty of ramp space on the Warbird Ramp for aircraft and acres of parking for those driving in.

If you will be attending, please RSVP by clicking the following link:


In response to the COVID-19Delta outbreak, the Warbird Building will be sanitized for the meeting. Masks will be available but not mandatory. Sanitizers will be placed for your convenience. We strive to make everyone comfortable giving all the opportunity of personal choice.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday and Saturday December 3rd and 4th. Additional details will be forthcoming regarding daily schedules and local hotel availability.

For information on the Sun 'n Fun Holiday Fly-In Festival and Car Show please visit  https://flysnf.org/holidayfestival/information/


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